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Hi, My name's Bethany. I'm 17, and while I don't have dreads, I am a huge fan of them and I am trying to grow my hair out (it's less than 2" long right now.) and figure out how to convince my mom that dreads aren't awful.

Anyway, I looked through the memories and didn't find anything that mentioned this, but I might be repeating a question. If so, I apologize. When people mentioned that they went swimming and they didn't want mold to grow in their hair, some people mentioned that they should make sure that their hair is completely dry between swims to ensure mold doesn't grow, which spawned my question. Can you blow-dry dreadlocks?

Conversation that just happened with my mom:

Me: Hey, look at this girls hair. *shows her internet image of dreadlocks*
Mom: Eh, that's not bad.
Me: Can I do that to my hair? (tenses prepared for the worst.)
Mom: Your hair's too short.
Me: I mean after it grows out, it only has to be like, 4 inches.
Mom: *sigh* Yeah, I guess.
Me: Seriously?!
Mom: Yeah, but if it starts to look bad, you're not going anywhere with me.
Me: I promise I will try my hardest.
Mom: I dunno though, it seems like they'd just stick out...

*Squee!* Yay! Now all I have to do is wait for it to grow out and read everything about dreads I can get my hands on!

I know nobody cares about the last bit, but I had to tell somebody!
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