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Spain and Dreads!

so i just got back from spain which is an extremely dreaded country! i saw atleast 5 dreadheads everyday in different cities i went! some of them come out in my pictures so i'll share with you all...

this is from my first day when i went to see some body suspensions. it was my first time seeing them so it was pretty crazy for me but in this picture i got to capture like four dreadheads! i remember a couple of entries ago people discussing about the striped dreads, well here someone random has them! and then theres a shaved head and dreads which is reallly common in Spain from what i see every year and then of course the people who where getting suspended.
this is an example of that trendy dread mulletesque hair that is common. here is famous spanish singer Melendi who styles it:

and okay last but not least, taken specially for you GUDUers:

i took better pics of it but i cant find them. once i do ill continue sharing! it was the cutest dog ever, and the owner was even cuter! he told me that they grew out naturally but that he had to trim them sometimes cause they got too heavy for the dog to walk well.

much love to you all!
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