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baby dreads. round 3

Hello GUDU community. I'm new to LJ and was inspired to make an account specifically because of this group.

I have had dreads twice previously, the first time I had them done "professionally" and I will admit they were well done but I failed to take proper care of them and decided to comb them out after only having them for months. I regretted it almost instantly. So after a year of various other hairstyles I grew out my hair to (in my opinion) just barely the perfect length to start dreads. I did my entire head in about 12 hours including taking multiple breaks and I used wax because thats how the people started my dreads the first time. I was quite pleased with my work for the moment but i began to hate it after a while because it was so waxy and unhealthy looking. So about 3 months down the road I decided to comb the candles out of my hair and live with my poofy/wavy hair for a little while.

As of yesterday i have decided to get my dreads back. I am slowly dreading my hair and using little to no wax this time around.

I have spent 10+ minuets per dread and I've decided I'm only doing a couple a day for now. They say that the 3rd time is the charm so hopefully these ones stay. I have had quite the learning experience with my dreads.
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