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seven months-ish

Checking out my dreads recently, I realized
they have changed a lot in the past few months.
They are way thicker and tighter, and after some
initial shrinkage, have visibly grown!

So, I made a silly photo time line.

Cellphone pics. No camera at the time. These are from the night they were made.
Several hours of backcombing by mi compadre.

My friend Drael did most of her dreads by knotting her hair like
she was making a hemp necklace. I let her make two on my head.

Fluffy weird phase <3

There's the funky woven one again.

No photos of the dread down this month. However, here you can see how
little my ponytail was with my dreads/loose hair  pulled back for work. Further
down I have a picture of  how my ponytail looks now- it's huge!

This little part of my brain was niggling about leaving a month out completely.
So here's a blank spot for April...maybe I'll find out some friends/family have a photo.
Oh, don't ask what niggling means. I have no idea.

Low ponytail. dreads are getting fatter <3

This one was the beginning of June, the next one the end. It amazes
me how different they look in each photo in so little time.

See? Ponytail is huge now!

Then I striped them <3
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