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long hair

I gotta say..there are always fun posts in here. so I'm hoping I can keep it going by making a first good post.
I've stopped maintaining my hair for the past four months.Mantaining, meaning I've stopped brushing, and you know, the regular shampooing. I've never really gave a damn about my so about four months ago I decided I'd look into getting dreads and I've practically ignored my hair I know this is not part of the dreading process.Ive pretty much separated tangles into sections in order for the dreads to form on their own..with the result of maybe 3, half inch sized dreads..success? maybe. I'm eager to have a full set of dreads..but the proccess is taking its time.
I hope I've made some sense :] suggestions?

I put rubber bands to keep it together somewhat

its harder than I thought because I have long hair. It reaches past my ribs.

there's a few of them peeking out.

there's a few that i've back combed that have resulted in this.

thanks a bunch for looking!

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