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A happy Dred moment last night.

So last night I'm at a nightclub - the Phoenix. I'm boogiing on down to some funky rythms and a metre or so away, I see a kid with about chin lenght hairlocks.

So I saunter over to him, and tell him I like his hair, ask him how long he's been working on them and all that.

And suddenly I become his dredlock mentor.

I let him know about things like dredfalls (when the bottom part of your lock seperates from the top) and he starts asking me all sorts of questions about my lock experience. we talk for a while, then boogie on seperately.

A bit later on in the night he comes back to me, we talk some more.

Gotta love the sense of community, eh?

*Contentious parts of this post have been not-writen about*
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