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the other day while i was at work, there was this man who was, i'd say, in his 60s. he was very enthusiastic and funny. while my manager was ringing him up, he said to me, "i really like your hair!"
and i said, "are you serious?"
and he said, "yes, i'm very serious!"
and i said, "because people are sarcastic about it."
he goes, "i know. but i like it because it shows you have imagination, and i like imagination."
and the conversation ended.
then a couple minutes later he said, "you really are adorable with that hair. are you a hugger or a non-hugger?"
"i'm a hugger."
"then come here."
so i walked out from behind the counter, and his arms were open and we hugged, and he hugged me tighter and tighter and tighter. and when we let go we were both smiling very big.

so, i'd just like to say, that no matter how many people sneer at me or laugh at me because of my hair, it doesn't matter in the least because the nastiness doesn't even add up to the HUG that i received from someone i don't even know, on behalf of my dreadlocks.
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