sugar magnolia (lauranonymous) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
sugar magnolia


No, not that one.

I spent the weekend in Hollywood, FL, with my family-type people and had great amounts of fun.

I even tried the whole flinging dreads through the air to create a tremendously cool picture thing, but I'm not sure it worked out too well for me. I had to crop it because I looked like a zombie.

The water turned out looking incredible in this picture, I totally love it.

My sisters and my sunburned nose.

I know these are super dark, but they strike me as very mysterious and somewhat ominous, and I appreciate that about them.

I obviously did not take into consideration what the rest of my body was doing, which is how I ended up with ZOMBIE ARMS!

Does anyone else's scalp get sunburned? I'm not a fan.

Billiards is serious business.

My pink dreads are ridiculously faded and the black is started to go, too. My sister has decided to let her natural color grow back, so I suppose I'll have to buy my own dyes from now on if I want to keep up with the color. No more mooching.

Did anyone else do something fun and exciting this weekend?
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