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Dready Pics!

hm, so I keep reloading hoping someone will post and I can look at more dready pics, but then I realized I should just post mine instead!  My babies are a week old today ^_^

here's my hair pre-dreads, you can see the first one I made though, on the left ^_^  uhm... and excuse the mess on my bathroom floor... after I uploaded that I was SO embarassed, I had just gotten back from A TON of travelling...

And this is the day we made them!!  My friends actually made me a fun-fetti heart shaped cake >.<  ah, I'm just glad they've been accepting of them!!  haha and yeah, that's a ton of pizza in the background, I had to provide lots of junk food to get them to work on my hair all day!

And heres a few pictures I took today...  and I didn't plan on wearing the same tank top for these pics.... it just happened.. : (

I'm really really really unbelievably happy with how they turned out, I wish they weren't so poofy on the top (makes my head look SO big!)  and I might have just been expecting worse, but I'm surprised at how they are staying together, I thought it would be a mess after a week, but they have done pretty well.

Anyways, I'd love any opinions and advice!  I haven't washed them yet, I was planning to do it gently with a cup rather than the shower head tomorrow.
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