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So I've been out of touch with the universe for about a month here, but i have a TON of photos, so here we go...

At the ZPZ show in Buffalo with my darling friends, Mikey and Evan, and you can see about 1/8th of Stow

dreadies scannnns. please ignore my 'druff.

My nephew Quintin, 20 minutes old.

my beautiful baby nephew, Quintin. 2 days old.

with my best friend stow.

crazy almost pineapple ponytail.

From the front. the pink was just starting to fade here, they're super blonde now.

BRAIDS when it was bright pink.

I recently "modified" my dreads, I took out 3 beads that were making really thin spots in my dreads, they were super close to the bottom so I just backcombed the bottom couple inches and they're awesome now.

Also, last thursday I was at the Zappa Plays Zappa show in Buffalo, NY, and I saw a TON of dreadheads there. Just wondering if anyone else from GUDU was there and if maybe I told any of you your dreads were WONDERFUL while i was there.

peace and loveeeee.
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