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Today is a bad day for dreads.

Today, I should have acknowledged the omen of waking to find my cat sharpening its claws on my dreads.

Instead, I rose, undaunted, and went about my early morning ways.

Once I got to school, I caused my art studio teacher to laugh so hard that his orange juice came out of his nose. Unfortunately, I was right next to him, and the majority of it went into my poor dreads.

Then while I was doing my best to rinse them out in the bathroom sink, a fight broke out, and someone bumped into me rather hard, causing me to smack my face against the faucet, and yank one of my dreads in the process.

Moving on, I was pushed around by a group of four 'jocks' who kept telling me to wash and brush my hair. The only amusing thing about that situation was that after they were done having their jock-esque fun, one asked the rest of the group, "Hey, heh, did you smell oranges over there?"...They turned around to stare at me with their beady eyes when I burst into a giggling fit.

To make the day complete, while I was walking to my PC Repair class, some tar/pebble things blew off of the roof and into my hair.

The next time I wake up with Stimpy sharpening his claws on my dreads, I'm staying in bed.
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