flux of pink bikes (fluxofpinkbikes) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
flux of pink bikes

Dreadlocks and femininity.

"and who the fuck is anyone to say what's feminine?"

So I've had my dreads for near two months I think? They're all fuzzy and need maintenance but I know I don't need to hurry.

For a while, I was having trouble feeling "pretty" with them. I'm not one to be the definition of feminine, but I felt that my face/hair looked somewhat manly. Have any of you felt this way with dreadlocks and had inner conflict with it? I just played up some things like wearing hoops and actually wearing eyeliner again. I cut my bangs all nice today and bought some new tights.

A boy who worked at this video game store called me gorgeous today so I felt quite awesome. I felt like I looked really great today even though I got rained on.

It doesn't help that I work in a really girly clothing store and everyone else who works there is a very done up punk or rockabilly girl.

I feel kind of pathetic that I felt this way in the first place, but I know I musn't be the only one? When I tamed down my hair with dreads (my hair used to be crazy) it just tamed down my whole appearance.

I'm rambling. thoughts?
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