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So Ive been meaning post pictures. =) I had some bad, nasty itchies recently and in my sleep tore my head a bit. I (read the memories!) made a wash and it helped it out alot; the oil buildup was making mah head go nutso. Im having alot of fun with them though; and fight hard not to facking touch. >< Guh.

So; here are some shots =)
This one is me on my way to a work meeting about oatmeal. Yes. Oatmeal.

Forgive the half assed smile; I was hit by a car on my bike on my way from work today. (Im fine. the bike took the brunt of it.) Im finding the bandana (which I use mostly for work) is becoming a hindrance, so I work without it now. Very few complaints form work; my manager keeps trying to touch them. =O
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