Caroline Marie (carrre) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Caroline Marie

Permeating Smells...

So, I've encountered a bit of a problem.
I'm working for NORPAC Canneries, in a factory where beans a beets are processed. I've been working there five days, and after about the second day I realized that I constantly smell... Just... Not pleasant. I washed my dreads when I got home from work this morning, but that just seemed to make the smell worse. [Granted, it was an in-the-shower wash, not a slowly-wash-the-entire-length-of-every-dread wash... I still expected some of the smell to come out.]

Does anyone have any advice/experience in dealing with really gross smells getting trapped in their hair?
Would using essential oils just cover up the smell [and make it harder for me to get rid of it in the long run], or would they get rid of it altogether?

I'll only be working there until 15 September [then I go back to college, yay!], so I'm wondering if it's going to be best to just let them smell terrible until I'm through. [I don't think I could stand washing them every day unless it was the only way to keep the smell at bay... They're only 3 1/2 months old and I worry that so much washing would be bad.] 15 September is less than three weeks away... I know I can handle the smell until then. But I don't really want my hair to permanently smell like beets.
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