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any help?

I'm from Louisiana, but as you all might or might not know, we're about to encounter Hurricane Gustav.
My boss is bringing myself and a few people to evacuate a slight bit farther up north (actually, not only slightly because we are in the crotch of the U.S. :P), and depending on how long we're up there, I'm looking for someone to help with maintanence.
Is there anybody in the Gatlinburg, Tn / Kentucky area that would be willing to help me with this?  
If it helps any, here are some pictures for reference.

This is at 8 months exactly

Which improved, i guess, from this..
5 months (drunk with 2 great friends!)

and it all began from this.
(don't know why I look sad.)

It should probably be known that my hair is thin, product-free, and there are 53(?) knots.
I'd preferably like to get some sewn together, but it depends on if anyone responds to this.
I would be hella thankful for any help that doesn't involve looping my roots anymore than they have been already. Mistakes happen.


p.s.- a bit off topic, but I did my first tattoo on somebody else, as an apprentice a couple weeks ago and I'm just so proud!


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