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a question for the proffesionals

I'm just wondering if you give others advice or teach the people whose dreads you start how to maintain them?

I was having a chat with my local 'business competition' and they are all like " we NEVER EVER give out that kind of information, whats the point when it just leaves you with less business. Noone in this business would ever teach without atleast a charge"

I'm gob smacked, I really didnt know it was such a big deal; then again i have no intention of changing the way i do things, i will always try and give as much helpful information as possible as well as directing them to the GUDU memories.


So to the other dreadlockers; Are you reluctant to teach people to do maintenance? do you charge them? do people not get annoyed if you dont tell them how to care for there dreads?

Also do you ever do trade for trade? Recently I've recieved tattoo work, fancy meals, knitted clothes and a kite in lieu of payment, I find it so much more rewarding than money :D

check out my half arsed totally out of date business myspace :P

and so its not pictureless:

^ me and my big sis at darlingtons gay pride.


In other news I just dyed my dread-noodles with manic panics atomic turqouise I recomend it 1000% pictures up soon.

And i got this comment which made me giggle:

"I keep having to remember that you werent born with dreads"





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