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after about 3 weeks with no rubber bands on the roots of my dreads i had to put them back. i liked them better without them, btu i do admit they are looking good. after i showered adn washed my dreads yesterday i did my normal rutine of palm rolling and cicle rubs at the scalp. well to my surprise unlike every other time, it made my loose hairs even worse. but now things are good with the rubber bands. i think i just tried to take them out to soon. also an old friend of mine that i recently hung out with called my dreads fake. thats pissing me off cuz i dont know why she thinks they are fake. its not cuz i back combed them, cuz she was origenaly soppost to be the one to do that for me. i have noticed that the fact that they are kind of short (like 6 or 7 inches) and still have rubber bands in them alot of people dont see them as dreadlocks. i guess cuz when you think of dreads you think of very long dreads with no rubber bands and none pointy tips. oh well. anyway, thats my rant...

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