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i don't have dreads but the thought has been running through my head for a looong time and i think its about time.

i have a question though, where do most of you work?
im a waitress at Dennys and have worked there for 2 years now. i talked to my boss about it the other day and asked if they could fire me for having dreads and i was told yes. first thing i thought was...DISCRIMINATION! but alas...discrimination only counts against sex, race, ethnicity, religion etcetc. not hair color, hair style or the way that u look. i tried to convince them that i was rastifarian but that didnt work. heh
he was just a shift manager not my general manager so he doesnt have the power to fire me, but i asked anyway to see if the possibility was there.

so i was curious to where u people worked in hopes that i may be able to find another job (possibly even a BETTER job) while having my dreddies.

thanks in advance =]
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