spandorexxa (spandorexxa) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Month 14!

Me at home :)

Span in her natural environment :)

Dreads month 14

Oh yeah...and my dreads have suddenly decided to start looking good, i think the 2 sessions of sewing loose hair and re-tipping the ends has really helped...Ive been re sewing in the ends, and I even chopped the end of one off (it was wierd like a big ball of hair with loose hair above it) and started the end of that one again.

Dreads month 14

Yes... this picture is washed out, but theres no way I'm letting you lot see how shoddy my skin is right now XD
Too much beer + Not enough sleep + job stress = bad skin ;)

Dreads month 14

The back, god i LOVE how smooth and shiney they are a the top, I can't wait till the whole length looks like that (give me 2 years...)

Im thinking of embarking on a dye job soon, involving bleach and random dreads. Bout time I had a colour change methinks, plus now theyre sturdier than ever, time for abuse! XD

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