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Hello, strangers...

I haven't posted for ages, so I'm not sure if anyone will really remember who I am...

So, at the end of March I split up with my partner of 6 years. It was all pretty amicable, and not terribly dramatic. We had begun to want different things from life, so we thought it best to go our separate ways. There are still a lot of complex things to deal with, our house and possessions which is difficult and a little frustrating, but I can pretty definitely say that breaking up is one of the better decisions I've made. I've had so much fun in the last few months, made some brilliant new friends and done some really exciting stuff. So, here's a little tour of Gill's summer!

I went to London for a weekend in May to visit a friend, went and saw some sights. Here's my favourite picture from the British Museum:

9 of us 'Ull girls went for a weekend in North Yorkshire to stay in my friend Jess's parents cottage. It was loads of fun! In the front is my friend Aoife and I, and in the back is Jess and Nikki.

At Semerwater:

My fabulous car, Elsie. She served me well this summer!

Then came festival No.1: Glade. I think a saw a girl from this community there, but I was a little sozzled and didn't want to say anything. Was anyone there?
We had a pyjama day:

My best friend Dannii and I, in Pussy Parlure:

My friend Cat put my hair up for me one evening:

Festival No.2: Moor Music festival - no pictures, it's a long story.

Then I went on a trip to Cardiff, with complicated motivations and a disappointing outcome. Still had a wicked weekend though!

In a pub, getting my gin on!

Near Cardiff bay:

Festival No. 3 - Leeds! Mud and Rage Against The Machine.

Me and my sister:

A hat I could fit my hair in!

My friend Jess and I, at a dnb night in Hull. I'm sporting my newest and favourite tattoo. Get your 'tache out!

Last weekend, I went to Leeds for a couple of days and went to Subdub, a really good reggae and dnb night. I danced like an idiot for hours. This is me and my new friend Monty *blush*.

So, a summer in the life of dready Gill!

I hope you're all keeping well!


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