Starving Perfection (leakyfishbowl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Starving Perfection

1 year and 10 months-ish

So lately I've been a little iffy about my dreads. I love them but I've been having the hankering to run my hands through my hair lately. Yet at the same time I know I'm not ready to cut my dreads off. I think a dye job is in order. I might have to treat myself if I can get all my work done this week.

I also started dating a new boy recently. He's kind of a pretty boy, so we look kind of odd together. I asked him today how he felt about my dreads and if I was to cut them off, what he would want from me. I know from past conversations he usually likes girls with long hair that he can run his hands through and a lot of the time he tries to run his fingers through my dreads. He told me he's partial to them, isn't a fan of girls with short hair and that he doesn't want me to cut them off. He prefers me with them, and somehow that makes me a bit a happier. I dont know, they just need a change or something to make me realize how much I love them.

I also have the conflict with my parents. They want me to hack them off before next semester. I start my in school hours for my education degree next semester and my mom is worried about me looking unprofessional. Granted I don't live at home except for like a month and half during the summer and for a few weeks during my winter recess, but it'll come up. The conversation always does. They don't understand. The only thing I have going for me here is if I ever decide I want to get rid of them I can tell my mom that "she won" and that I'll cut them if she'll buy me extensions, which she will because she's made many generous offers of all sorts in the last two years to try and convince me to cut them. My hair is too thin for me to grow it past my shoulders when its undreaded and I've always wanted long hair. Dreads are one way I can obtain that, not to mention that I just adore having dreads all together. The other way though would be extentions, and as a broke to hell college student the only way I can afford those is if my parents pay. I'd rather just keep my dreads though.

Sorry for my ramblings. I'm jut iffy about how I feel about my hair right now.

I took out my thread lock that I've had in m dreads since they were maybe two or three months old tops and the hair underneath it was thin and barely dreaded at all, so I fluffed it up and now half of one of my dreads is at baby dread stage, haha.


my eyes get big..

considering that naturally my hair is super thin and fine and I don't have much of it at all, they have fattened right up. I have somewhere between 35-40 of them. Not entirely sure.

They're also starting to get long. When they were only week I cut them to just below my jaw. Now they hang over shoulders.

Note the part, they were in pigtails for the better part of today


The face I make when they get caught on my industrial, which is all the time. I pull them off many times everyday

Ok, I think I feel better. I feel as though if I wear them down more I'll also be happier. Wearing them tied back all the time makes them kinky and unhappy. Boo.
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