Alexandria (apostlealex) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Should I or shouldn't I...

I've loved the look of dreads for a long time, probably a bit too long. I'm wondering if they are right for me though?

I've been checking the memories like a mad woman, as you can see, my hair is pretty short. So I know I'd have crazy standy uppy dreads for a while. Is it ok to do things with them while they're still baby (eg, put them into little twists) or do they need to be left well alone? On another note, I've noticed that Ceri of Snarl Hair can do extended dreadlocks on hair my length, how much should I trust that? It looks like the perfect answer to my length problem.
On a more long term issue, I'm looking to get hitched in 2010, have any of you married lovelies got pictures of your dreads on your wedding day? Again, I've been reading back and rummaging through the memories but I'm not coming up with loads.
Any help, and all opinions are appreciated.
If anyone wants to see more pictures on me, or a more in depth post on my thoughts on dreads I've put more here... the dreaded question.
Thanks! <3
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