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Here is the directions for those of you wanting to make a knit tube heady like this

This is what the back looks like!

Take an old sweater or shirt...)I used a sweater that I barely wear and meaured this other thing I have for my hair.

Do you have any stretchy head band type things that fits your head nicely??? If not you could always measure your head forehead to underneath your hair and subtract about an inch. So for sake of this description let's say that measurement is 17"

I laid the sweater out and started at one side of the bottom of it (the bottom edge of the sweater is the part you see around my forehead). leaving the side seam hooked together makes it easier cuz you only have to sew one side so cut it so the bottom of the sweater is about 2" bigger than the measurement of your head. and then cut about 12" up.

So you'll come out with a rectangle. About 19" across the bottom that should have a side seam half way across it. and 12" up.

place the two 12" sides right sides together and sew straight down it. (if you don't have a machine you could hand sew it, it's a small section so it probably won't take that long. Pull it inside out and take the side that has the unfinished edge (not the bottom of the sweater) and fold that in about 2-3". You'll need one of those large needles with a hole big enough for ribbon and just sew that edge in and out until you reach the other side..Leave the ribbon pieces loose so you can tie them in a bow...or pull them inside so that you can't seem em...

But feel free to ask me anymore questions if this is confusing.
You should definately post pics if you make one!!!

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