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8+ month timeline

Um, so I fail greatly.
lishd started my dreads back in January, and I was SO excited to finally have something legit to post in this community after being a lurker for about 3 years. And then what happens? I spend the next 8 months forgetting to post :/
But no time like the present, eh?

Obligatory before shot; night before I flew out to Seattle.

You can see the process pictures on Lish's site:
(I'm Jenny, by the way)

This is the day after. I ended up rocking the Sideshow Bob look for quite a bit :)

2 weeks

7 weeks

2 months; it's crazy how you don't seem to notice how much your dreads have progressed until you see old pictures of them and are all WHOA. Holy shortness.

2.5 months; being a drunken fool. I love that dress to death but it's dangerous; my boobs are constantly threatening to flee. At least my boy doesn't mind :) I'm hoping to coerce him into taking some pics for naughty_knotty someday.

3.5 months; got a triforce tattoo that glows under blacklight. I think it's pretty boss.

4 months; decided I wanted to become a blonde summery mermaid and bleached those suckers (with Lish's guide, of course)

Whooooo Photobooth. I don't have a camera; that's a part of the reason why I never post here or over at stretched. I HAVE PRETTY THINGS. But nobody wants a collection post shown through webcam. Whoa, off-topic. Sorry about that.

They started looking better. This made Jenny happy.

5 months.

Still at 5 months; went to the beach & Great America.

7 months. I'm happy that they have gotten longer. However, none of the ends are dreading, so it's just making them seem long. I don't think they've gone through their shrinking phase yet.

8 months. Added more green/blue in there to fulfill my desire to be a MERMAID.

My friend Anna went to China for the Summer Olympics and sent me back this fantastic shirt; it says "In your clothing you will happy many mouse. Cartoon fashion. They deserve you fashion"

AHHHH they're long. Well, long when you've had short hair for the past few years.

These are from last week. I think. But yeah, I wasn't sure if the ends were going to catch up anytime soon so I tried rounding a few of them to see how they held up. I think it turned out well. I had no clue what to do; I read through the memories a bazillion times but didn't see too much on a technique for it, so I just re-backcombed the loose bit, palm rolled, and stabbed the end about with a felting needle. They've held up fine, so I might mess with some more this weekend.

This was from about 20 seconds ago.


I think this end is my favourite. It spazzes.

Sooo, that's it for now :) Glad I finally did this; I'd only been putting it off for almost a year. I promise to post more in the future; I want to be more a part of things around here.
Oh, and any Bay Area dreadheads around here? I've seen tons of gorgeous kids roaming about in Berkeley; didn't know if any of them roamed here too :)

[EDIT]: Oh man. Totally just found my first post in this community from back in April of 2006:
I was SO clueless about dreads back then; probably why I didn't keep them for longer than 4 months.
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