Hattie (before_bedtime) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Long time, no see...

I'm rubbish. Many moons ago, I lost my camera charger and therefore have had no way to take pictures of my little dreadlocks. However, it only occured to me today, about half a year since my last post, that I have tons of photos taken by my friends that I could put up here.

I know this isn't a great picture, but it's the most recent one of my dreads. The blond dreadie is my best friend and housemate, Robyn, and the ginger one with a mouthful of food is my lovely boyfriend, Ash.

My look-a-like dolly. We even have the same taste in clothes - I swear I have that outfit!

'Twas a windy day on Brighton beach...

Stuffing my face, as usual...

So there we are for the moment. I would put more up, but I've just had a call from Ash telling me to meet him at a tapas bar, where him and his parents are taking me for dinner, and that he's about to order my sangria for me. Good times!
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