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30 dreads? fat or skinny?

So I went ahead and started dreads on the girl with the thinned out hair (its been a couple of weeks so we figured her roots should have recovered from the extensions) Her hair was also short so that made the process a bit more problematic. We made sections of approximately 1 1/2 inches, and ended up with just about 30 dreads on her head. Is that too few for good coverage? she's a little worried about that, but when we made the sections smaller the amount of hair in each section was very small and i think the resulting dreads would have been pretty skinny. as is right now they are about half an inch counting the poofiness of fresh backcombing. The thing I'm worried about is that as her hair grows back and we pull it into the dreads, that she will end up with uber huge bases/new growth with tiny tips (from where the hair was thinner) does anyone have any comments or advice about this? and will she have coverage problems with that few dreads?
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