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Gallery Of Custom Made Synth Dreads

Heres a little Collection of Custom Dreads Ive made Enjoy! > = )
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You Want Custom Dreads??!!!

These dreads made from Synthetic Kanekalon Fiber. YOU Customize Your hairfall with Any Unlimited Color combination Your little heart desires. Don't settle with Generic Colored Premade Falls that everyone wears and let anyone tell you what colors to wear. Be as crazy n wild as you want to be! Be unique and original. There are no limitations!! I ensure the highest satisfaction, the customer has total control on the specific style of each hairfalls.
- You choose as many colors as you want, free of charge
- You choose the color ratio that you want.
- You choose the length of the dreads.
- You choose from baby thin dreads to extra thick and fluffy
- You choose from any combination of solid color dreads, solid
multicolor twists/swirls,and multicolor custom blending.
- You choose unlimited multi color plastic lacings.
-All Hairfalls are Layered and Tapered for Maximum Volume

You can also request Combination of Dreads/Braids/LooseHair/Twists/Plastic Lacing/Yarn also with unlimited color combination. Email me for more unusual add ons such as ( telephone cords..wires..tubes..tinsel..etc.). I do multicolor jumbo or mini Swirls and Twists which are 2 solid dreads that are swirled and twisted together. I also do Color blending dreads which are 2 or more loose colors dreaded together as one to create a marblized effect. There are also options of jumbo wooden or plastic beads of many colors

These Dreads are backcombed and STEAMED and Wax treated so they have a solid core, very soft, flowy and sealed tightly. Unlike others who use such methods as Blow-drying, melting, or Iron pressing them which will make them crunchy, rigid and falls apart easily . Email me with your wildest ideas and i will make it for you. Feel free to send me pictures of your desired style.

I have mostly all colors in the Rainbow including UV's available I also have all shades n numbers of Black, Brown, and Blonde

Send me a picture or a snippet of your natural hair and i will try to match it. If you want a custom color from blending different colors, let me know and i will do my best to accommodate you. Hairfalls can be ordered as a pair or one giant fall. Hairfalls are mounted on an elastic band that can be easily tied to your natural hair in seconds. These dreads can also be braided or tied in individually to your natural hair as extensions. Each order comes with 50+ dreads, including combinations of a few color swirls/plastic lacings. Small up charge for more add ons. These hairfalls are perfect for Cyber-Goth Anime Cosplay outfits or Costume.

Payment- postal money orders, PAYPAL or cash only!! *buyer pays shipping*

Email me and Order now: GHOVLZ@AOL.COM

On request I will send a picture of the actual dreads order before i mail it out for total satisfaction. Prices may increase for more Hard Complex Orders.

Email me if you cant see any of these pictures or for more.

- Color Chart - Individuals Swirls Plastik Lacings
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