poison the masses (autophagy) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
poison the masses

Does anyone know if there are any risks involved to bleaching dreads multiple times? Since I've had them, I've bleached my dreads twice. I've already shaved have of them off, but I'd be completely lost and unhappy if I lost the other side. When I bleached my hair before, I got it pretty white (so that orange showed up orange), and had to massage the bleach into my dreads one or two at a time, which took a good hour or so, even though my dreads are extremely thin (I had 55 before I shaved half of them off, now I've got 27 or 28 -- this is with my hair undershaven). I've been telling my parents I'm going to let my natural color (red) grow back in, but I'm going to try not to dye the roots. Just the dreads.

But my question, if I haven't mentioned it beforehand. Is there any risk involved in dreads falling apart or coming undone? I've had them for about a year and a half or so (little less), and they're pretty tight considering their small size. I didn't use chemicals when I got them put in, if that matters at all. But like I said, I've got two layers of bleach in there.

Thanks for any comments / suggestions.

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