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A call for tolerance and understanding

I know that there are certain people in this community who are intolerant of people with different opinions from their own, and I'm going to get shit on for this. That makes me sad. I'll put this behind a cut to save people from reading things they disagree with.

Recently there has been a lot of bad blood and mean words said on here, and it needs to stop. Somebody even made an anonymous post just to insult me for my beliefs. That is just not cool.

Tolerance goes both ways. I respect your right to believe that you have real dredlocks. All I ask is that you similarly respect my right to believe that your hairlocks arn't dredlocks.

There seems to be a lot of people on here who have self-esteem issues. People who feel that somebody disagreeing with what they call their hair is insulting them.

It isn't. Its just a difference of opinion.

There is nothing wrong with having man made, or even shop made hairlocks. Indeed, many (most?) of them look really good. There's also nothing wrong with having a Mohawk, a shaved head, a mushroom cut, a mullet, or a corporate hairstyle.

Most people don't judge people by their hairstyle. I may disagree with what you call your hair, but that doesn't mean that I think any less of you for it.

Some people need to stop taking a difference of opinion as a personal attack. Just because you don't have dredlocks doesn't make you any less of a person, or any less cool. To be honest I worry about what's going on inside of a person if they need the validation of having 'real dredlocks' in order to feel good about themselves (or others).

Tolerance goes both ways. Most of you have great hair, I love your hair. Most of you seem like cool, ultrafunkyfresh people. But you need to start accepting yourself as that, regardless of what your hair may or may not be called. It doesn't define YOU as a person. It only defines your HAIRSTYLE. Its not that big of a deal.

Have faith in yourselves.

Also, remember what i_dread said, about the journey and the destination. Yes, we're all going to the same destination, but it makes a difference how you got there.

Anybody can go to Lourdes, but just because you flew your private helicopter there, doesn't mean you made pilgrimmage. Yes, you could say you made pilgrimmage to Lourdes, but the peopel who walked the 300 mile trail would probably object, because you didn't follow the pilgrimmage route.

You still get the benefits of visiting, can still see the sights, can still send some postcards, but you didn't make pilgrimmage because you need to walk to say you made pilgrimmage to Lourdes.

But we're all here in Lourdes now, so can't we all get along?

I know I'm going to get flammed for this, but all I'm asking for is a little tolerance of different opinions.

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