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four months! :)

Time sure is flying by with my dreadbabies.

Today I realized that I can put them up!
(well I could before, but because of that lame ass curl, it just looked ridiculous. So I suppose now it's less ridiculous and I enjoy it a bit.)

Ignore my dumb stare; I was mildly impressed with the way my dreads looked in this picture.

I have scheduled some maintenence because in the back I have a few that are dreading together and I can't see where the hair should go, etc. Plus I've got NO EARTHLY idea how to properly crochet a dread. I've read the memories and tried. I just can't get it right. :(

I thinkkkkk (but I could be wrong!) that it's lauranonymous's one year dread birthday today. I could be a day early or late, but I think I'm on. ANYWAY! Have a good one!
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