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Dread History Post + More Etsy

Been meaning to do an intro/history post for awhile...

Second set - 5 months

This is my second set, I'm at 5 months today! Yay!

My first set, in reverse history:

Year 6, a couple of weeks before I combed them out. I chopped several off because the weight was getting unbearable (I'm prone to migraines, plus I'm on a soccer team and having this huge bun on my head bouncing up & down all the time was just too much).

First set of dreads - year 6
Year 6, about 3 months before I combed them out. Did a quick chop of some ends too.

End of Year 5. Oh dear... pretty sure I was drunk when this one was taken.

Year 3ish.

Year 2... they were barely long enough to tie back!

Don't have any pics of Year 1, unfortunately. (It was a rough time in my life and I ended up moving cross-country... long story.)

A quick plug for my Etsy shop as well... I make beaded dread sleeves. Example:

Peel - dreadlock sleeve
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