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sugar magnolia

Today my dreads are officially one year old. =)
Technically they've been turning one sporadically over the course of this week, but the last of them were created on October 20th, 2007.
For whatever reason I also picked this day as my quit smoking date, so it's been an interesting day.

I figured since I have all of this nonsmoking time on my hands I'd post a timeline. haha


October 20th. As is painfully obvious, I had no idea what I was doing. Wax and rubber bands abounded.

This is the most accurate picture I have of their length during the first month. They never really shrank, but they sure have grown!


I dyed a few of them pink during the first month. I'm not really sure what I'm doing in this picture, but I look like My Little Pony.

I met this guy on the beach and even though I've never seen him again I'm super creepy and still kind of have a crush on him.



Frigg and I. This is such a creepy and unattractive picture, but that's what my dreads looked like at 3 months.

By this time I think I had taken all the rubber bands out and stopped using wax, thanks to GUDU.
That squiggly loopy one on the right side of my neck shrunk like crazy and is completely zigzagged now.


At four months my bangs still hated me for not washing them every day so I usually looked like a greaseball.

I also apparently purse my lips when I'm concentrating?

I don't have any pictures from the month of March, so my 5 month-old dreads are a mystery.

APRIL 2008

He's the father of most of the dreads on the front of my head. The shittiest ones, actually. haha

After seeking advice from GUDU about that bitchy dread on the top/back of my head that continually wrapped around my industrial barbell, it eventually became a threadlock.

MAY 2008

The dreads around my face are the worst developmentally, so I used to pull them back a lot, which only perpetuated the problem.

7 months.

JUNE 2008

JULY 2008

this is the back of my head at 9 months

The white bits are silly string. My friends are assholes.


My zombie impression.

I make weird faces a lot but this one was too absurd even for me. This shows how some of them started to fatten up at the top around 10 months.


I have some kind of nut/washer thing in my hair that I found under the dryer.

I don't remember when I dyed that one black but I think it was in July.


The my little pony pink color came back this month.

This is what they look like as of yesterday.
I have a ton of loose hairs and some weak spots, but they've definitely come a long way in the past year.

That seashell on the right has earned me the nickname Seashells, which led to Sally (sally sells seashells?), which somehow led to Meredith. Who knows where the craziness will stop.


I could post pages and pages of commentary on what my dreads mean to me and how they have affected me, but honestly I'm just not in the pensive mood, so I'll leave you with this for now.

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