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fulla fungus

so it seems everyone in my household has gotten ringworm....and today i noticed ive got it too...in a few places...when my girlfriend and i went to the walk in clinic the doctor told us that it can also grow on the scalp, causing bald patches and raised dry skin...ive been paranoid for the past month about getting that shit on my scalp, and because of the way my dreadlocks part, its hard to tell if there are patches missing...all i know is my head has been itching like crazy and ive been itching it and now ive got some visual confirmation that it is at least on my body.

needless to say this has been an interesting week or two.

also, lately i have been thinking about cutting off the front part of my dreadlocks and leaving the back...maybe having a mohawk of sorts in the front with dreads following it down the back of my head...and after all this i almost feel like its a sign to just do it...my girlfriend is moderately against it...she likes my dreads as they are. i do too...ive had the little guys for 3 years and some odd months...

so now i guess im just debating on whether or not to chop the front...

i dunno...ive still got to think it over a little...but uh...ill keep you guys updated.

annnnnnnnnnnnd 2 pictures for good measure:

cant remember if i posted either of these in the past few months...i dont think so...but here they are



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