never knows best (sobefetus) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
never knows best


Sick of Halloween posts yet? I hope not <3

Getting ready. There's dreads back there, promise :)

Me: 'How's my costume?'
Friend: 'Uh, what are you?'
Me: 'A pirate!'
Friend: 'Oh. You look a lot like you do everyday, except for the frilly thing and the corset.'
Me: 'Gee, thanks. So my costume sucks?'
Friend: 'No, you just always look like a pirate.'

My sister, her friends Jason & Joe. The theme they agreed on was "stuff yourself into the tiniest child's costume you can".

I have no idea why these photos are so blurry, I apologize. Jason wanted everyone to know how he ripped his little girls' devil costume
when he put it on. He's wearing the bandana because someone "fixed" his dreads for him and used wax and his whole head is sticky
and gross. Yes, I yelled at him. Don't worry.

Then I tried to put my sister's Boba Fett mask on over my big head/dreads combo, with little success.


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