vida_colorida (vida_colorida) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I've been letting my hair dread naturally for about a month, with the addition of backcombing the roots a week or so ago. A few days ago, a group of about 20 hairs (? a small strand) fell out, but I dismissed it as getting caught on a hairtie. However last night, a sizeable chunk about twice the size of the first one fell out.

Now I dye my hair but the condition is honestly quite healthy at the moment. My best guess is the lack of conditioner (I rarely used it before but have switched to using solely ACV and dr bronners bar soap) maybe? I wash my hair 1-2 times a week.

It could also be the fact that my hair is tied up every day and under a hat for school. This can't be avoided, but is it maybe the hair ties I'm using? Is it time to revisit the 80's and get some scrunchies?

It also just occurred to me that my cat has always loved to chew on hair, and probably even more so now that they're dreads. This is a possibility that would make me sleep a lot easier, but want some other opinions on what could have caused this. I read the memories on this topic but didn't see anywhere it said specifically what caused breakage or specifically what the best way to fix it would be.

I'm loving my dreads but at this point I wouldn't be opposed to conditioning the hell out of them and attempting the process later.....

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