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2 1/2 months :)

being thrown in the ocean in full clothing when it's 68 degrees outside is awesome.
but i love how my dreads look in this pic :)

We had our Mock DUI at my school last week, and it was very intense.
For those of you who don't know, it's where they simulate a copuple going to a dance, the boyfriend (driver) drinks and gets in a DUI, kills his gf and critically injures an innocent couple. The innocent girl gets airlifted to the hospital, the innocent boy gets taken to the hospital in an ambulance, the drunk boyfriend gets arrest and taken to the jail. I played the dead girlfriend and was put into a body bag and then a herse. Needless to say it was pretty impactful.

Drunk boyfriend, me and our doubles.
(Weird, I know, because the other girl and I look nothing a like! haha)


I think my dreads look good here :) hehe


I found/rescued a parakeet the other day!
He was layin in my backyard with a bunch of feathers missing, and we think my cat got to him. We took him to the vet though and he's fine. We named him Peati :)

ps. GObama ;)
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