dreadsweet (dreadsweet) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


So, I've been having a really tough time in just about everything the past 6months...and to add to it allit seems to be having a bad affect on my dreads...


They're relatively fat, but not ridiculously heavy or anything (some of u prolly remember my timeline from a while back)

They will be three in feb, and they are well developed. I have always taken good care of them, and not really done any root rubbing (i let them do their own thing for the most part) but theyve suddenyl started to thin at the roots...big time. Some of them have twisted over, from having my hair up all the time, but I havent for quite a while. They are starting to correct themselves, but getting quite thin at the same time. I thought the twisting was to blame, but then i noticed that ALL of my dreads are thinning at the roots.


I put it down to stress mostly..maybe its falling out or whatever.....altho I have PCOS so this seems unusual tbh... but still. providing none of them snap off completely, any advice to help keep them healthy?


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