lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

one year pictures!

my fourth set of dreads finally hit a year at the end of october. this makes a combined nine years i've worn dreads on my head, heh. i celebrated with a quick round of maintenance, & here are lots of new shots.

i updated my own page on my hair site for this set, so you can click there for the early pics. right before i started them a year ago, i trimmed my hair to barely chin length overall, so yes, they've grown ridiculously. here's what my dreads look like now:

since the front ones are finally long enough, sometimes i wear them half up. ignore the faceblock - i wanted to leave my bangs in the pics, so i couldn't just crop.

robinhoodvandal knit me this lovely wrap for no particular reason. i presume she had sex on it or something, but it sure is comfy! these pics are from october.

& a few pics from september with a hat that meowkat knit for me. i got robinhoodvandal to take the top of it out, since it was cute on me right after i cut my dreadhawk, but there's no way it'd fit me now - or any time in the next several years, heh. (i blurred out my sleeve tattooing as usual; deal with it.)


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