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iiiits picture time

here are a couple of shots from the halloween rave i went to and some shots that i absolutely LOVE that my marvellously talented bestest partner in crime ever Kay took of me.


sailing the salty seaaa

zen as fuck me ;)

aye aye cap'n

took me a lot of toe poking to decide to venture on to it...


and now on to the pictures in which i look a complete gimp... the ones that arent of me were took by me :) though im not much of a photographer... as you will soon see :P...


i was supposed to be dressed like a zombie but everyone seemed to think i was dressed as a waitress.

my girlies

having a boogie :)

me looking fair bit awful.^

4.20 happyness


thinking of growing out the shaved bit... opinions?

hope you all had a good weekend


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