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o sorrow!

greetings friends of gudu. i come with a cry of confusion and general lameness.

i'm beginning to suspect my dreads of being the cause of my streak of singledom of the past few years. it seems my dreads attract all the wrong people (older men strung out on drugs, stoners, dealers, younger kids thinking they can score a dread-date if i give them dreads JUSTLIKEMINE etc), while my dreads also seem to deter my ability to arrange a date with someone i'm actually interested in.

my last such experience happened this past weekend, where things actually heated up between a boy and i, but he reached for my face as we were kissing and got his fingers stuck in the roots of my hair. awkward?

first off, yes, HELLO. you cannot run your fingers through dreadlocks. so maybe he was not the finest candidate to invest my interest in. (although there may have been alcohol involved.....)

but also, i kind of want that ruffliness and playfulness of freed hair back.

i know, i know. the answer to this question is "don't ever change your hair for anyone else" and "well if its your time then just cut them and stop barfing your emotions all over the internet" ..but i'm also beginning to dislike this image i've garnered over the past 5 years. i don't know if i want to be this anymore?

i'm sorry guys. this post is going nowhere and i know there's no real answer to it. i've just reflected on the recent lack of lovelife and found it had a curious correlation to my time with dreadlocks. loneliness can drive one MAD i tell you MAAAAAAAAAADDDDD

(NOTE: this is also not a pity party about "meh! tell me i'm prittie!" i'm not sure self-confidence is the problem. it's the image i'm apparently projecting that seems my hair has dictated for a quite some while. MAKE IT STAWWWP)

do you guys feel your hair projects something that you aren't? have you ever done something about this?

ok fin. if you've made it this far i'm terribly sorry.
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