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''cut your dreads''

so last night, me and the parental unit were having a serious talk. we've had some problems with our finances due to the credit crunch over here, so everyone is freaking out . i'm hoping my job at lush will give me some more hours, or i will have to find a second job (which i'd rather not have to do) then somehow, my dad turns the discussion to my hair..
dad: you know it would help you if you got rid of the hair
me: umm....NO!.
i really hate how he sees my hair as something that will hold me back in life. its not the dark ages here, and i never get any negative comments about my hair, if anything, people show love and interest
i usually have my hair in a headband, but i've been wearing them in little bunches lately. i love how healthy they look right now. i can't wait for them to gain some length this year. i also love the loose hair and wispy bits, and the colour. i LOVE the colour. using henna is probably the best thing i've ever done for my dreads.

mega love <3

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