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i'm definitely strongly contemplating dreads. to the point that i know that i'm going to do it, but i don't know when. first of all, i don't think i can start them myself. i'd never be able to section well, i don't personally know anybody with dreadlocks, and i don't feel good going to a salon where they usually deal with brushable hair- i sort of go by the "if you dont love their hair/ the hair theyve done, dont let them touch yours!". the salons i know of don't do dreads, and it just doesn't sound like it'd work out too well to do it that way. i'm in edmonton, alberta, and i don't often see dreadheads here. my other worry is my hair legnth. it's layered, and about three inches at the shortest in some places, and 5 or 6 in the longer places. i don't especially want them to be sticking up straight in the air!

i'm ordering jesus plugs at 5/8". i'm majorly stoked for that.
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