Zero (malfunctionzero) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Does this sound accurate?

Okay, so I'm always on the lookout for people with dreads, and today I saw two. One as I was leaving school, and another at Gamestop when I stopped into work. I could not believe how amazing the 2nd kid's dreads were. I had to go up to him and ask him exactly how he did them or else I knew I'd regret it. His answer surprised me. It wasn't backcombing and it wasn't technically neglect/natural.

He said that when his hair was only about a few inches long, he put a bunch of beeswax in his hands and rubbed his entire scalp in a circular motion for a long long time. Eventually he said little sections of hair clumped together and then he just let them grow. He said his dreads were now 3 years old, and they were the tightest most beautiful looking dreads i'd ever seen. The ends were a bit loose and curly but that's ok. I always thought that the natural method usually ended up giving you very unequal sized dreads. Like some huge ones and some tiny ones. But his were fairly uniform. I wish I'd gotten a photo or something.

I've seen alot of people with neglect/natural dreads and they're usually a little bit more "messy." This kid's were so clean and tight with like no stray hairs or anything. It was amazing. Has anyone here ever heard of just rubbing your head in circles with wax and then just leaving it alone? Sounds weird to me.
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