sugar magnolia (lauranonymous) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
sugar magnolia

My dreads are around 13 months now and while I really love them, there are some things about them that drive me bonkers. I took out my ratty threadlock and then remembered why I put it in in the first place - I hate that bitchy dread.
I have two or three dreads that are nice and tight almost all of the way down but then somewhere near the bottom they have areas of loose hair. There is dreaded hair in between these spots and the end of the dread so I can't even rip 'n twist them, so it just bugs me. It's not locked at all in those spots so crocheting or felting wouldn't do any good.
Does anyone have a solution for this besides just wait it out? There must be something I can do, right?

you can see one of the spots I'm talking about near my gorgeous friend's bead.

and here at the very back of my head you can see the dread that used to be wrapped. it also has serious issues with its midsection locking up.

i changed my mind about vegetarianism.

nah, kisses are better.
(the bitchy dread is the one right there on the far left)

welcome to crazytown.

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