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It's just after four. I still can't sleep and am just feeling generally shitty. Some people are RUDE.

So ANYWAY, some pictures. Only a couple were actually taken just now.

A couple of weeks ago - new redness! I just had to have some more, but didn't dye the whole mop this time.

These were the ones I took just now:

And this is from a couple of months ago, back when dread scanning was in vogue.

This is actually the result of a few scans - I scanned 3 or 4 times and 'shopped the images (rather unskillfully) together so I got a fuller picture. In the unedited scans there was a lot of grey space, so I just added in a bit of extra hair.

Um, that's pretty much it! Shall have picture that are actually interesting when someone else is around to take some with me! buh bye x

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