Starving Perfection (leakyfishbowl) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Starving Perfection

Soooo, my dreads turned two years old this past weekend without me even remembering. Frick time goes by fast. Other then desperately needing a dye a job and some loose hairs needing to be tucked in, they actually make me incredibly happy =)

Their first day, awww =)

Two week old calico dreadies.

two months and my undercut which I guess if my dreads are two year would make my under cut dreadlings a year andddddd four months old

That's about as much shrinking as they ever did here at four months

That threadlock was probably about two months old in this picture. It finally got pushed out about a month ago. I'm surprised at how long it hung in there.

I lost track of time for a while. Here they are at nine months

nine months again

eleven months

fauxhawk, one year

one year again

The next bunch are from my summer camp, making them between a year and eight months to a year and nine months

A year and eleven months

a year and eleven months, again

My halloween costume, because its hilarious. That pony thing was meant for 4-6 year old little kids. I needed help getting it both on and off, haha

about three months ago, but it gives you a good idea of their thickness. I have naturally super thin, super fine hair, so that's pretty impressive to me

They had been in pigtails all day (note the part)

The actual day they turned two years

same night, boyfriend and me, drunk, haha

and just because it was awesome, drunk mud wrestling is what everyone is cheering about. Thats our yard, it had poured all day and we drive through it sometimes, so its kind of torn up, perfect for mud wrestling, haha. Shame it was like 30*F outside.


today again


last one, haha

I didn't expect to make that so long. Sorry<3
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