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Hello all you lovely dready people, fairly tame update, 2 and a half year celebration
Hello all you dready people, I have been desperately trying to post this but LJ was having a moment and wouldn't let me cut, given up on richtext now, silly malfunctioning-ness
Anyway, what i was trying to say was/is I have dyed my hair and i like it. i went from blonde to brown to dark brown
My hair has also grown, which after 2 and a half years of just getting fatter its about time too.
i look forward to their maturing and tightening up even further, they still have a long journey ahead. I commandered my housemates mac to get these pics. iphotobooth is fun. Now i know why people get so excited with it
(vanity central!!!)

So here you go
when i first put them in

Blonde and longer. I avoided hairdye for 21/2 years.
I had some very poorly hairs

then i dyed it brown

but it has a little bit of blonde in it

Then i realised there was a sepia thing on this crazy camera in a computer and realised the world is sooo much better in sepia!!

with love

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