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Hey all.

I don't have dreads yet, but I hope to in a few months when my hair is a little longer. I love this community though and really enjoy seeing most of the pictures and getting all the good info.

That being said, I was wondering if it was unreasonable to ask that if people are posting pics with drugs or drug paraphernalia, to do it behind an lj cut? I'm not saying don't post it, because I recognize that many people in this community would enjoy seeing it, but simply to lj cut all the pics with a message in the text letting us know that that is what it is. That way, all the people who want to see it can, and those of us who don't can choose not to.

Drug pictures bother me personally, and I would imagine that anyone checking their friends list at work would also not want those pics showing up.

So how would everyone feel about that? It seems to be that it would be the most respectful thing to do. It would make me very sad if I needed to leave the community because those pictures trigger me. I hope we can come to some sort of consensus about this. How does the mod feel?

Let me know.
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