Not the Goddess of the Battlefield (morrigun) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Not the Goddess of the Battlefield

Hey there, I've been lurking for a few days now looking at all your gorgeous pictures. I've wanted dreads for a few years now but I was waiting for my hair to grow a bit longer... this is how long it is now:

I do have a few questions though....

1. As you can see... I'm half asian... and we are known for our silky, slippery and thin hair and while mine is not pure feathery goodness, I still have a bit of that going on. I've heard many dreading methods don't work on us. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what method to use? Any recommended products?

2. I was heavily considering getting them professionally done as a christmas present to myself. I also don't know if I 100% trust my friends and their hair abilities... Anyone know any good places on the east coast (USA) more specifically NYC, DC/Maryland or Georgia?

3. If I decided to do them now... about how long do you think my dreads would be? How much hair length do I loose?

4. I want fairly thick-ish ones... any tips?

Anyways... thank you sooo much!
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