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Untold Secret To Dreadlocking and Dread Maintenance

Dread locks come from the inside. normal hair is mainly infuenced by what you did to it before you left home in the morning. what you do with dreadlocks effects them. Keeping this in mind a several months ago I startedgiving my dreadlocks pep talks. they are like personal afirmations for my hair. I reccomend one to three times a week for just about a minute. here are the types of things you can say:
  • You guys look great today!

  • I always believed in you and you have never failed to look completly fabulous.

  • When we walk down the street people will admire how fantastic you look.

  • When you see others pointing and laughing take pity on their jealousy.

  • Every week you get tighter and tighter. thousands of years from now after I die you will become diamonds.

I am sure you can think of some things to say that are more relevent to you and your dreads. the most important thing is to only be talking to your dreads. You can't multitask, it's just wrong.
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